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About Me

Divine Feline

Divine Feline is a yearly grassroots charity event held in Los Angeles, organized by women for the community since 2006. The Divine Feline events support local artists by showcasing all aspects of their creativity. working with singers, musicians, fashion designers, film makers, photographers, activists, craftswomen, graffiti and live artists. This event offers great opportunites for expression, exposure, networking, and growth that in other places would not be possible. Every year, this event donates all profits to a NON-government organization who receive little or no government funding. We constantly look for those self-sustaining non-profits that outreach and provide assistance for the community. Previously, the money has gone towards organizations such as "A New Way Of Life," that provides housing and reentry support to formerly incarcerated women and their children, which has transformed the lives of over 220 families. Through our love of music, arts, and community we gain long-term relationships and networks. We are not just women involved in a show or event; we are women showing Divinity through our female creativity and passion for what we do. It is essential that we expose and market ourselves so that everyone sees our success and accomplishments as individuals and as a whole. We are the race of Women uniting and striving for a common goal. We thank all of our friends and continuous selfless supporters because without you none of this would be possible. We started with nothing and have started a movement and will keep on going! We are the little engine that could choot choot! So always remember even if you have nothing there is still always something to contribute to the greater good. All female artists and/or organizations in Los Angeles or abroad, who are interested in collaborating with us, are welcomed to contact us anytime! DIVINEFELINE.EVENT@GMAIL.COM

Favorite Quote

How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and She-roes!

-~Maya Angelou